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Think Your Windows Need To Be Replaced? 3 Tips On Replacing Or Repairing

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If you have had the same windows for your home for some time it may be time to replace them. There may also be some instances when you could repair the windows instead to save money. Below is more information about this so you will know what you should do.

Glass is Cloudy

Cloudy glass can happen with double-paned windows. This is due to the seal between the two panes of glass failing. Once this happens you will not notice it but over time the entire glass will become foggy.

One option is to replace all the glass, but this can get expensive if you have a lot of windows that are foggy. Instead, you can hire a glass company to replace the window sashes instead. The glass company will ask for the serial number of the windows that you have, and they can make the replacement sashes so that they fit perfectly. If you are not sure what this serial number is contact the company, you purchased your windows from.

If you would not like to do this, you can choose to have the glass units replaced with new ones instead of only replacing the sash.

Casements are Sagging

If you have casement windows it is common to have problems with sash sag. This happens because casement windows are attached to the frame via a sash sag, also known as a hinge.

In most cases this problem is not hard to repair as it involves switching out the damaged crank and hinges. You do have to ensure that you use the right hinges, however. This may be difficult to do if your windows are old. If this is the case, you would be better off replacing the windows.

Talk with the window company that you hire about what you can do in the future to prevent this problem, such as making sure the window frame and sash are square.

Wood is Rotting

If you have wood frames for your windows and the wood is rotting, then the only repair is to replace the frames. It would be impossible to repair rotting wood. Replacing the wood can also be very expensive. You could choose to replace the frames with new wood frames or you could choose another type of frame.

Some types of frames available on the market today include vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Vinyl frames are beneficial as they are durable, and the only maintenance required is to clean them periodically. Aluminum window frames are weather resistant, which helps these frames to last a long time.  Fiberglass frames offers the best insulation and are also durable.

Talk with a window or a glass installation service to learn much more about this information.