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For A Decadent Bathroom, Treat All Of The Senses

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A bathroom can be a relaxing space where you get away from the harsh sensory experiences of the outside world. To make your own home spa a reality, consider these ways to pamper your senses in the bathroom suite.

Create the Right Visual Space

The visual design of your bathroom is the first thing to consider. In order to have a space that flows, choose neutral colors and sleek textures. Glass installation for shower doors is a great investment, since they will allow you to fully enjoy the visual effect of your bathroom as you relax in the tub. Try for mellow lighting; candles could be a lovely touch, but you could also stick with dimmers in the bathroom. Many people confine their decorating scheme to warm metals (think brass and bronze) contrasted with light, refreshing, cool colors.

Choose the Right Fixtures

The right bathroom fixtures will affect your experience of sound and touch. Take faucets as a first example. The design of the faucet will affect the feel of water on your palms. The shape of the spout affects how the water splashes onto the sink's surface, creating a pleasing sound. Try out faucets before you buy so you can get a preview of what you'll be hearing.

Shower heads are another important bathroom fixture. Give your family members the opportunity to change their own water pressure and texture with an adjustable shower head. There are plenty of unique shower head designs, such as ones that give massages or pour water in a deluge.

Try Aromatherapy

For the sense of smell, you could have a variety of aromatherapy oils and bath salts available. They will help you achieve different moods, inducing happiness or relaxation based on the properties of each oil. It's a treat to have a delicate smell in your bath water as you relax at the end of the day.

Add Comforting Textures

Textures will greet you when you hop out of the shower or bath. The flooring is an example. Try for thick bath mats that gently greet your feet as you step out of your relaxation session. And don't skimp on the towels, either; a soft and high quality towel is better for your skin, and it also adds to your spa experience. Finally, have a warm bath robe waiting for you so that your body can naturally come back to room temperature after your warm shower.