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Be Prepared: How To Get Ready For The Installation Of Your New Windows

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If your windows have outlived their usefulness, it's time to invest in new ones for your home. Outdated windows can cause a multitude of problems for you and your home. First, old windows aren't nearly as energy-efficient as they should be. Second, old windows aren't as secure as they need to be. Finally, they're not as attractive as they could be. While you're purchasing your new windows, make sure you plan for the installation. Being prepared on installation day can help you avoid potential problems. Here are some ways you can prepare for your window installation.

Notify Your Residential Alarm Company

If you have a monitored alarm system, it's crucial that you notify the company about the new windows. They can send someone out to temporarily disconnect your window alarms for the installation. If you monitor your own security system, be sure to disconnect all your window alarms before the installation crew begins their work. Failure to do that will cause your alarms to sound. Not only that but if the security system isn't disconnected properly, it could cause serious problems later. 

Remove Your Window Coverings

Before you have your new windows installed, you'll need to make some adjustments to your home. The most important thing you'll need to do is remove all the window coverings. That includes all the curtains, shades, and blinds from the inside of your home. However, it also includes any window coverings you may have outside the home as well. If you have retractable awnings on your windows, be sure to retract them prior to installation. If you have stationary awnings, you may need to remove them during installation, especially if they prevent the crew from accessing the windows properly. 

Know the Path the Crew Will Take

When it comes to preparing for the installation of your new windows, it's important that you know which path the crew will take to get into your home. Failure to plan for their entry could result in delays, especially if their chosen path is cluttered with yard debris and furniture. Once you know whether your crew will enter through the front, side, or rear door of your home, make sure you keep those areas clear until the installation is complete. If your installation crew will be using gates to get into your backyard, clear those areas as well. 

Make Plans for the old Windows

Finally, while you're making plans for the installation of your new windows, don't forget about the old ones. If you've decided to toss the old windows, leave the cleanup to the installation crew. They'll handle all the details for you. However, if your old windows are still in good shape, you can donate them to a local charity that provides housing for the underprivileged. They can reuse your old windows.

For more information about the installation of windows and other residential glass, contact a glass service in your area.