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Hurricanes And Tornadoes Wreaking Havoc On Your Windows? Try These Windows Instead

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If you are new to "tornado alley" or the Gulf Coast, you probably have never seen or been in a tornado or hurricane before. The powerful winds that accompany these two natural (but seemingly unnatural) phenomena can make short work of any window not designed to withstand these storms. If you have lived in a house in either of these two areas of the country for the last few years and every year have had to replace the windows on your home, maybe it is time to replace your windows with something better. Here is how impact resistant windows can change your life, for good. 

No More Exploding Windows

Winds in hurricanes and tornadoes reach maximum speeds of two- to three-hundred miles per hour. Most storms never get that powerful, but, even if they did, they could cause windows to crack and shatter. That does not happen if you have impact windows. These windows are designed to withstand the strongest winds for short periods of time. It is still advisable to board up your house for a hurricane, but having these kinds of windows ensures that you will have far less glass to clean up, later. 

Tree Branches Are No Match

You have probably seen it, even if you have not experienced it for yourself. Limbs and branches of trees become projectiles in these storms and go right through standard glass windows. People end up with houses that look as though they were lifted onto Jack's beanstalk and left there. With the impact-resistant glass, this is a nearly impossible scenario. The glass has been engineered to withstand some of the most intimidating levels of kinetic energy around, including baseballs at ninety miles an hour and bats swung at the glass. That covers any projectile flung at your windows by tornado and hurricane winds of a similar speed and force. 

Stays Put and Stays Drier

Hurricanes can bring a lot of rain with them. Sometimes rain accompanies tornadoes, too. However, these windows almost always stay put, which means that everything in your home stays drier. Things that stay drier and remain dry, during such storms, require less water damage remediation and restoration, and that translates into less expense, during the cleanup process after each storm. Even though you might pay more for impact resistant glass, it ultimately pays for itself in less post-storm cleanup expense.

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