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Are Your Storefront Windows Constantly Foggy and Cloudy? Here Are Some Possible Causes and Their Solutions

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Storefront windows are an excellent way to invite customers to come inside your business, allowing them to easily see what services you provide or what merchandise you sell. Unfortunately, storefront windows can often become foggy, which limits visibility and prevents them from performing their purpose. If your business has persistently foggy storefront windows, here are a few common causes and what you can do about them.

Interior Condensation Due to Humidity

When the warm, humid air in your store makes contact with a cool surface like your storefront windows, it will cause condensation to form on the interior of the window. It's most likely to occur shortly before opening hours, when you turn on the heater inside and the storefront windows are still cold from the chilly night air. If you're experiencing frequent condensation throughout the day and your employees are tired of wiping your windows down, then the best solution is to install a dehumidifier in order to reduce the amount of water vapor in the air. With less water vapor, you'll experience less condensation.

Grease Buildup on the Window Interior

Restaurants or other businesses that do food prep near the windows usually experience frequent condensation on window interiors due to the water vapor that cooking creates. In addition, tiny grease droplets that escape into the air from frying can cause grease to build up on your storefront windows. If you take an index card and run its edge down the window, you may see a white residue collect on the edge of the card—that's grease. The only solution to grease buildup is more frequent cleaning of your storefront windows using soap and water.

Condensation Between Double-Paned Glass

If your storefront windows are double-paned, and nothing you do can seem to manage to clear up the fog, condensation might be occurring between the two panes. This happens when the weather stripping around the window begins to fail, letting moisture between the panes.

When you notice condensation occurring between the two panes of your storefront windows, it's important to call a commercial glass installation company as soon as possible. Double-paned windows often have a coating on the inner sides of the panes, which can react with water vapor to form a scale that's impossible to remove. A commercial glass company can remove the trapped water vapor from between the panes and repair the weather stripping around the window, preventing the problem from returning.

Scratching and Etching

Wind-blown debris can cause small scratches and pits in your storefront windows, making them appear foggy and opaque. This problem can also occur if your employees or your commercial glass cleaning company is cleaning the windows improperly—acidic cleaners can cause etching, and abrasive cleaning tools can scratch the surface of the windows.

If your storefront windows are scratched or etched, call a commercial glass installation company for a consultation. Minor damage can sometimes be corrected through polishing. However, major scratches and deep gouges will require the storefront window to be completely replaced.

Clean storefront windows are inviting for customers, so it's important for your business to make sure your windows are in great condition. If no amount of cleaning ever reduces your window fog, it's a sign that you need to call a commercial glass installation company, like Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc.. Your storefront windows will be examined in order to determine if repairs can be made or if a full replacement will be necessary.