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Three Reasons Glass Shower Doors Are Superior To Shower Curtains

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Most people tend to use shower curtains to prevent water from escaping the shower and covering the floor. However, there is also the option of glass shower doors. There are three good reasons why glass shower doors are superior to shower curtains, too.

Glass Shower Doors Are Far Easier to Clean

Have you ever tried to clean your shower curtains? It is a pain. The liner cannot be washed in the wash machine with your decorative curtains, and the curtains cannot be dipped in the bleach solution you need to use to clean the liner. If they get scuzzy from soap scum or hard water, you have to take them back down again and repeat the process. With glass shower doors, you simply spray with glass or bathroom cleaner and wipe; done!

You Will Never Have to Replace the Glass Doors (Unless You Manage to Break Them!)

Shower liners and shower curtains have to be replaced every few years when they wear out or accumulate too much mold and mildew. You never have to replace glass shower doors, unless you somehow manage to break them, and that is very hard to do. The only other time you might replace your glass shower doors is when you want to update their look.

You Can Lock Glass Shower Doors

Lots of glass shower doors come with locks. Instantly, when you step into the shower, you have a lot more privacy than you would with shower curtains. How many times has your shower been interrupted by children or dogs running in and crashing through the curtains to talk to you or climb into the shower with you? Most people with dogs and kids will tell you that once is more than enough. After that, they start looking for locking glass doors.

Switching from Shower Curtains to Glass Doors

The best part to glass shower doors is when you decide to convert to them. Just pull the shower curtain bar down from where it hangs, install the hinges (if applicable), and hang the shower door. If you do not want to do this project yourself and risk breaking the glass (which is nearly impossible), then hire a glass installation expert to hang the shower door for you. If the door also has a lock, you will need to hang the door first before you install the lock so that the lock on the wall matches up with the lock part on the glass door.